SERVICE - Calligraphy


In association with the TS Ink calligraphy studio, Brooklyn, New York, River Mill Art Gallery offers fine, exquisite calligraphy to the genral public. Whether it be a resolution of the board or a colleague's retirement, your choice of many styles will ensure a tasteful and elegant presentation. When applied to your individual needs, our knowledge of corporate protocol and appropriate wording can assist you in making your selection. In master calligrapher Thomas Schmauder's own words:

”Calligraphy - The word comes from the Greek 'calligraphia' and it means beautiful writing. For centuries, all books and writings were made entirely by hand, many were rare, expensive and precious documents which have preserved for us our ideas and traditions. The various styles of calligraphy are many, forged by cultural and economic changes over hundreds of years, but its' basic principle remains the same today. It is an art of communication - words made beautiful by the expert and disciplined skill of the artist. Calligraphy has a personal beauty and meaning not to be seen on a computer screen or print-out. It is an art form that requires many years of hard work and practice. Our artists work with a rich knowledge and understanding of historic letter forms, coupled with individual feeling and spontaneity to produce writing that is genuinely contem-porary, but is based on tradition. Considered today as a work of fine art, like a drawing or painting - a piece of calligraphy has an inner life as well as an outward appearance. Creating each piece of writing entirely by hand, our calligraphers use only the finest, traditional, archivally sound materials to produce individual works of art unrivaled in character and beauty. Among our list of illustrious clients are: The United Nations, The Waldorf-Astoria, The Metropolitan Opera, Cushman & Wakefield, ES Gordon, The Metropolitan Golf Association, Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center, Cabrini Hospital, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York University, Columbia University, Brooklyn College, Anti-Defamation League, Leaders Magazine, and many well known celebrities and leaders worldwide."